I wonder how it feels to date someone younger than me.

I actually have dated someone my age.

Maybe that’s what I should aim for.

Just only one year younger than me or my age perhaps.

The man two or three years older are on

a way more deeper level than me.

Maybe that’s why I can’t really

find my type.

I don’t even know my type and just say that

I have a type.

I never went on a real date.

It seems no one wants to have fun

and go out anymore.

People don’t even ask me

what I like to do anymore.

But, Maybe I should ask

what do they like to do.

It’s not like they’ll go out with me any way.

All my relationships has been cut short.

Don’t ask me why.

All I just know is someone told me that

I’m to demanding.

I like everything to go my way.

But, it wasn’t just one person.

It was more than one who has said that.

I’ll be honest, I do want every single thing

to go my way.

Dammit, and I’ll say it again.


I’ll probably get into an argument with you about

something small.

People are so afraid to go out with me

or they stand me up well because

I’m just not there type.

One of my pet peeves is to stay

in the house all day and lay up.

If you know what I mean.

That’s just irritating as hell.

Excuse my language.

I love to have fun.

I learned so much things about me it’s ridiculous.

Maybe I’m that type of female who doesn’t want

a man to take control.

I like to take control.

Because I’m afraid they can be too controlling.


I seen those movies on life time.

Maybe, that’s why I’m like this.

I used to watch lifetime all the time.

Then I stopped.

Anyway, I just don’t like for man to have control over me.

I’m just too demanding for anyone to date me.


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