Hey everyone,

Get ready for my venting tonight.

I’m in that mood today.

I know it’s a holiday but, it’s just

one of those days,

You know one of those days when

you have no one to talk to.

Even if you’re around family,

you still feel no one to talk to you.

Everybody just doing their own thing.

Just like how I’m doing right now.

I’m blogging my thoughts out and doing my

own thing.

Even though my family is tired right now,

I’m thank full to have a great family.

Thank God for them because I wouldn’t even know

the history that’s behind our family.

I thank God that we were able to come together and only spend two or three

hours together.

Now, it’s time to wind down.

I actually have to work tomorrow.

Boy, am I ready for Black Friday.

I’ve been getting myself pumped for tomorrow.

Our store is going to look a hot mess

all weekend.

I work in retail and it’s only been

a couple weeks.

Well, I think I been there for at least a month now.

So, I’m ready and I actually had to work today.

I know right.

Your probably thinking.


On a Holiday.


But, I’m thank full to also have a job

because some people don’t even have one.

I can’t really complain but, I might as well make the fun out of it.

Any way, tonight you will be seeing more poetry.

That’s how I vent and get through the night.

I learned that about myself too.

Welp, hope you all are enjoying your self’s on this great

holiday today.

Keep reading.

And Have a great night. 🙂


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