I sometimes wonder why I get followers and how they find out about my blog.

Is there a ghost telling them about my blog?

Or do they just automatically follow me because of the category I put my writings in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting followers on my blog.

I just really want to know what’s catching you all attention.

Right now, I have 138 followers and I’m loving it.

I have my constant readers and bloggers that comment on my post.

No one has yet to tell me what’s catching their attention.

I see a lot of people like the ones about ¨A Letter To Future Kids #1-8¨

Am I right or wrong?

I’m assuming everything on my blog is catching everyone’s attention.

Well, since no one is telling me.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Welp, keep reading and be on the the look for

¨A Letter To My Future Kids #9¨

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to write about with this one.

We Shall See. . .


4 thoughts on “Why do I get followers?

  1. Wow, that is great. I really appreciate you for letting me know on why you followed me. Yes I have a strong passion for writing. Thankyou and the “A Letter To My Future Kids #9” is already posted. 🙂


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