Dear My Future Kids,

Your mom sometimes feels like her

feelings and opinions doesn’t matter.

Your mom feels like no one truly pays attention

to her.

Your mom think everything she

says is wrong.

Some people say I don’t know how to communicate

and that probably is true.

Truth is……

I think that about my self everyday.

My advice for you today is…..

Don’t ever let anybody make you feel like you

don’t have freedom of speech.

Learn to communicate with the people

around you.

Think about the topics that they talk about

and engage in that topic.

Not the topic

that you only want to talk about.

Don’t ever shut down in a conversation

because someone doesn’t agree with you.

Speak your mind and express your self.

Don’t hold your tongue for no one.

I hope you take this letter with you

every where you go.

This is the most important letter that you

should take with you at school and any where

else that you go.

Like I said before….

We both love you.

I hope your Future Father is speaking his mind and holding his ground.

God will build me up to the person that he created me to be.

Just so that I can be a great Mother and Wife.


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