Have you ever wondered what is was like to be a kid again?

Playing on the sea-saw, running to the park with your friends, saying your first baby words “Mama” or “Dada”, couldn’t wait to go on your first day of kinder garden, have your first boy crush, passing out Valentines Cards, picking out your own clothes for the first time, making up your first own dance move, crawling into bed with your mom because you thought a monster was under your bed or closet, the list can go on and on. .

Running around in freedom not caring.

Remember at being at the beach playing with the sand trying to build a castle.

We used to use water to make the sand stick together.

Remember making angels in the snow.

Life was just so fun being a kid.

As we grew into our teens, puberty happened, periods happened, sex happened, drinking happened, smoking happened, judging and labeling each other happened, being disobedient happened.

A lot of things changed over the years from being a kid to a teen.

When we were little, we never cared what anyone thought because we were young.

Now that we are in our teens.

We care to much on what we do to impress people.

What ever happened to the freedom we had when we were kids?

Its like were slaves trying to impress other people.

We don’t give our selves to much freedom.


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