How dare you tell me to appreciate others when they don’t even appreciate me?

I buy them food and little things to make them happy.

But, then you call me selfish.

You only call me selfish because I don’t buy you expensive things.

I only have so much that I can give.

I’m not fucking rich.

I don’t have a mansion.

I don’t have a Challenger Car.

I don’t have a 50,000 dollar ring on my finger.

I’m not famous.

I’m not fucking rich.

You expect me to give you so much when I only have so little,

I understand that you want me to learn how to appreciate people.

Okay, I do and give them whatever I can.


Shit, you act like I really just don’t give a damn about people.

Let me ask you a question.

If I only had a dollar in my pocket and I offered you a bag of chips that cost 50 cents, would you take it?

Hell no you wouldn’t.

Want to know why?

Because your ass expect me to have a million dollars to buy you a damn meal at a fancy restaurant.

Let me guess that will make you all happy right.

Well, what about what makes me happy?

You all mad because I spend my fucking money that I earned from work and buy it on food and clothing.

Well, first of all.

WE all need food to survive.

It seems to me that I can’t go an hour with out eating or else I’ll get a headache.

Hell yeah, I spend my money on food.

How else am I going to put clothes on my back.

You won’t buy it because ¨I’m Grown¨ right?

Do you want me to walk around naked?

I buy shoes.

I buy business cards.

I buy little things to make me happy.

Then when I buy you all little things to make you happy.

You don’t even fucking wear it or use it.

Yhup, I peeped that.

Uhm hummm….

But, I wear and used everything that you all buy me.

You say ¨I feel like people have to owe me something¨

Now, if I really said what I was thinking.

I probably would have got yelled at.

Am I right?

If people didn’t want to do anything for me.

They don’t have to.

I ask and they do it.

That’s not my fucking problem.

How about they grow some damn balls and say no…

Am I angry?

Hell Yeah!!!!!

I can’t wait to say this poem at an open mic.

You’ll hear the anger in my voice.

*Pass the mic and let you take over.


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