I keep fighting these feelings.

My mind wondering..

Where are you?

Who are you with?

Are you safe?

Are you protecting your body?

You know, the police are out searching for the next black man to kill.

I hope its not you.

My mind wonders at night of your safety.

I haven’t seen you in weeks, months, maybe even a year.

I know you’re alive but, I just want to stay in touch to make sure you are safe.

You might not have the same feelings as I do but, I worry about your safety.

God tells us not to worry and we should put everything in his hands.

I do worry but, I will pray for you and with you the next time I see you.

I just worry about the safety of your existence.

I’ll never know the next time I’ll see you in my presence.

So tomorrow I will make my way to see you before the next police search for you and tries to kill you because the color of your skin.


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