Everyone doesn’t always have to hear the word from the Preacher.

They can hear the word from you.

Study The Bible and focus on God to lead you.

Ask God to lead you to the right direction on starting your own ministry.

God has the power to do anything with you.

Read Chapters and Chapters daily and focus on one chapter that speaks to you.

Ask God, Does he want you to speak that in front of his people that are in your circle.

Ask God, will this topic touch and heal the hearts and souls?

Ask God.

Cry Out To Him.


Worship and Praise Him.

Do all you can to feed the souls, mouths, ears, hearts of God’s people.

He’s been waiting on you to come to him.

Start Your Own Ministry and share the Word of God from the beginning of the Bible to the End.

You can do anything with following God’s Plan.

If you were called to do it, then do it and don’t hold back.


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