The Life of a want to be gangster.
Quitting school.
Smoking weed.
Seeling weed for a couple of dollars.
just so he won’t have to work a job.
Getting females pregnant.
Can’t even be a man to take care of
his own son or daughter.
Then he wonder why his baby momma fussing at him.
Cursing him out.
Yelling “F____ You”
Cause the baby momma so stressed out.
Then you wondering why she crying
and telling her momma
her problems.
Cause that want to be gangster
ain’t living his life right.
Thinking the only place he
can call home is the streets.
When his home is his baby momma
and his child.
Once his boys set him up
he’ll be calling home saying
“Baby I miss you, can I come home?”


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