God told me to tell you….

To please do not drink today.

You have a better life a head of you.

He told me that you have a drinking problem.

I’m not sure if I’m giving these words to a female or male today.

Do not drink your problems away my sister and brothers.

If you don’t know how to fix it.

The person that you were on the phone with last night

wants to help you.

They have been trying to help you with your

drinking problem but,

you wouldn’t let them.

Please let that person help you.

I don’t know why God led me to write this

at this moment.

You need to get better.

God is waiting on you.

Who ever I am speaking to,

start drinking green tea

or something that’s ¨Good¨ you

can get addicted to.

Or better yet, drink some water every night.

God is telling me at night that’s when you

choose to drink.

Don’t Drink Today.

You went to the hospital and they told you some

bad news about your drinking problem.

This is a warning from God’s Poetic Child.



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