A Group of people.

Where you can sit at a restaurant and reunite.

Eating pasta and drinking tea.

Talking about the old high school days.

Where they used to have a bunch of house parties.

It wasn’t just rap.

They used to dance, have fun and drink.

They used to do the Humpy Dance, The Heavy D Shake, The Fila, The Running Man, The Roboco, The Steve Martin, The Roger Rabbit, The Troop, The Reebok, The Biz Dance, The Cabbage Patch The Smurf, The Snake, The Prep, and The Wop.

Talking about how it’s not that many house parties anymore.

They used to have good old times.

Now it’s a new generation out their

and they changed up the whole scene.

Where we do The Nae Nae, The New Harlem Shake, Twerking, The D-Low Shuffle and some other crazy dances that they have came up.

When our generation drink, we just say that we turn up.

I wonder what the older generation used to say.

They probably used to say ¨I’m  about to go dance my but off¨..

Don’t you see the difference?


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