I wish it was a remote to where I can mute my mind.

Its like a system.

My mind is filled with happy thoughts.

Then my mind is all of a sudden filled with depressed thoughts.

Its like I’m bipolar and don’t even know what’s going on, in the inside of me.

I am bipolar.

I get mad, angry, sad, depressed, happy, irritated, frustrated, and emotional as hell all at one time.

But, I some how don’t cry.

Its because my emotions are so bottled up inside, my tears won’t even flow down from my eyes.

Sometimes I have to hold back the tears because I don’t want anyone to see this pretty girl with a beautiful smile, show my frustration of being bipolar with all these emotions bottled up inside.

I’m bipolar on the inside and happy on the outside.

One day you’ll see all my emotions zooming out of me.

When that day comes, you might want to run away from me because it won’t be nice.

So please be careful of what you say towards me.

Just because I don’t say anything back, doesn’t mean that emotion isn’t bottled up inside of me.


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