¨I Wish I Had A Girlfriend¨

are the words you wrote.

You said it didn’t come from you.

Well, who did it come from?

A ghost?

I came back to you thinking

you were going to change.

You said that I keep assuming shit

when really it’s the truth and nothing but,

the truth.

I felt like I forced you to take me on

a date.

I said I couldn’t come to your house unless

you took me out on a date.

I knew what was already on your mind.

It was sex.

Every time you apologize and try to get back with me,

I give up my body again.

You always make this excuse saying,

¨I’m human, I make mistakes¨

Yes, I know you’re human, we all are.

It’s either we learn from our mistakes or we keep doing


Once we keep doing them,

our actions show that we don’t care.

I told you we couldn’t have sex

anymore until we got married (if that).

You got mad.

Deleted me and said once again

¨I Wish I Had A Girlfriend¨

I was your girlfriend but,

you only wanted one thing from me.

I keep going back to the same shit with you.

Yet, I’m the only one getting my feelings hurt.

Because you said once again ¨I Wish I had A Girlfriend¨

I’m human to and I also have feelings.

For you to keep hurting me,

its like I don’t matter to you.

I only matter when you want something from me.

Which is sex,

I’m sick and tired of getting used from these

little boys who

minds are only focused

on sex..

I need a man where I shouldn’t have to force him

to take me out.

I’m Tired.


I’m hurt.

Hiding behind these tears of pain.

Once again I went back to you thinking you was gone change.

It must of slipped my mind last time,that

you used that same line saying ¨You Were Going To Change¨


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