Dear Reader,

My mind is already set on 2015. I’ve already joined an organization which is called “P.O.E.T” and it stands for “People Of Extroadinary Talent”. this organization goes out to help donate, help pass out food to the homeless shelters,  help and motivate upcoming artists achieve their dreams, if you’re a Poet, they even have an anthology which is a “published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.” I have to write 5 poems and they will be published in the P.O.E.T Anthology. I can’t wait for that and this organization does so much more. They go out to talk to teens to encourage them. Also, the person who started this organization which is “Blaq Ice” said that I can have my own radio talk show. I want to call it Talented Young Poets and have it every Wednesday. I have a blog already that’s getting plenty of traffic. I have 171 followers and I was a guest blogger on Hugs x hearts which was very interesting.

On January 24th, I’m having auditions downtown for America’s Got Talent, my talent is of course “POETRY” which everyone should know that by now. I’m struggling with remembering my own poems by heart. So, I’m actually trying to catch every radio show and open mics to do spoken Word on. In 2015, I will be going back to school I still have a lot to learn. My major is Mass Communications and I want to be a journalist. So, since I might have my own radio show with the P.O.E.T organizaion. I don’t think I want to be a News Reporter anymore. I want to be a radio talk show host. Being a News Reporter can be really tough to get a  job in. It’s a competitive field. I now have my plan B which will probably bring me more money. It’s also something that I love as well. On top of all this, I work two jobs and some how still make time for my career. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

In 2015, this will be the most successful year ever in history for me. I have faith and confidence that I will make it. I already started towards my goals and it’s not even 2015 yet. What about you?


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