What if I was a Young Evangelist?

What if God had a big calling for me that had something to do with the youth?

What if all the poems I wrote, God was just setting me up just to be led to the youth?

I write about God.

I write poems with scriptures in them.

I write about marriage.

I write about love and sex.

I write about bad relationships.

I write about Gun Violence.

I write about disobedience.

I write about homeless people.

I write about suicide.

I write about how parents treat their kids at a certain age.

I write about the things that are going on in our generation.

What if I had a radio show that spoke on these things?

I might already have it.

Hint Hint..

What if I spoke on someone else’s radio show, that led me to the youth?

I already did it…

Hint Hint.

What if God put me through a struggle just to be led to the youth?

I already been through that struggle.

Hint Hint.

I’m only 19..

And some how know so much about these topics that I just listed.

I listen to the older adults around me.

Hint Hint.

I gain a lot of knowledge just from what I hear.

What if I was being setup just be a young Evangelist?


2 thoughts on “A Young Evangelist??

  1. I think you should..because poetry can be used as a way to connect with other people… through your blog someone might connect with what you are saying and start thinking about what they are going through… You just never know what could happen…i believe that God has great plans for you 🙂

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