Why even start something, if you don’t want to be responsible for it.
Females are very sensitive and we grow feelings quickly than Man.
I won’t make the same mistake again and say Man don’t have feelings.
We all have feelings.
And to think you won’t catch any for someone during this journey is just impossible.
Everyone has some type of feelings for someone.
No matter how many times you say you just want to date and be friends.
No matter if you say you just want to have sex.
No matter if you been hurt.
You will still gain feelings for someone that’s new in your life.
Believe it or not.
Things happens.
Believe it or not, you will fall in love eventually.
Believe it or not, that person you once dated will come across your mind.
Even if you haven’t talked in weeks, years, or months.
Everyone becomes cold hearted after a bad relationship or in dating.
But, it’s only because you STILL have feelings for that person.
You can’t hide feelings you have for someone.
Especially if they are deep.


12 thoughts on “You Will Eventually!!!!

      1. Okay I’m about to check it out. Read my other poem “I am favored by God and his people” , “Value Things In Life” and “A Young Evangelist??”


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