God’s Poetic Child has a lot of confessions with sins that she has done.

She wants to change her Poet name because she started doubting her self.

You know, people keep saying God’s Poetic Child isn’t so Godly.

She sins and sins daily.

She drinks, have sex, curse, disobey her parents and etc.

How can you encourage other people?

If you can’t even encourage yourself?

God’s Poetic Child doesn’t even want to write poetry anymore.

Yet, God keep using her.

She sins a lot.

It’s not right to have a name “God’s Poetic Child” and can’t even back it up close doors.

God’s Poetic Child is still young and living.

She gets introduced to different things everyday.

If this shouldn’t be her name, than maybe it shouldn’t.

To be honest, some people don’t even want to be around her and that’s not good.

God’s Poetic Child is shy, anti-social, and very selfish.

That’s how people look at her outside closed doors.

These are my confessions.

P.S (I need feedback on if I should keep my name or not because of this. Anyone is welcome to comment, I need all the feedback I can get. Don’t be shy…)


2 thoughts on “The Real GPC

  1. You asked for feedback on your blog name. I’ve always got some kind of feedback for people who doubt themselves because I’ve doubted myself all my life also. First of all – Your blog name is perfect. You love to write poetry, which many of us thoroughly like to read. You are definitely a child of God. So I see absolutely nothing wrong with the name “God’s Poetic Child” because that’s exactly what you are. Secondly – We are all here to experience life in this world. Sometimes we do things that are right and sometimes we do things that are wrong. We have to determine within our own hearts what is right for us and what is wrong for us. That is something that can’t be determined by someone else. Other people should not judge you and you should not be so critical of yourself. Live your life as you see fit for the betterment of your own soul.
    I’m voting for keeping the name. Let your light shine. Your readers like you just the way you are. Keep on writing. God’s Poetic Child and we’ll keep on reading.
    Have a beautiful evening…

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  2. Thankyou…. You just encourage me a lot. I am in agreement with you. I will keep writing. I will keep my name. I will let my light shine as if it hasn’t shined already. Haha. And yes, I am a Child of God. So, thank you again and you have a beautiful evening too. 🙂


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