Was you always the one who was shy, anti-social and kept to your self at all times?

Well, let me tell you something.

You need to get out of your shell and speak.

Stop being shy.

Good things can happen to you if you come out of your comfort zone.

First, you have to turn to God so he can do some work on you.

You can’t come out of your comfort zone while involved in these worldly things.

That’s where you’ll mess up at.

People in this world will start messing with your mind and the words you finally say.

They will use your words against you.

But, once you turn to God and start speaking.

Miracles will start happening.

You’ll start meeting people that you thought you would never come across.

You’ll start going places that you have never been.

All you have to do is talk to God and he will bless you with a voice that was never spoken..


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