Get ready for Talented Teen Thursdays.
This Thursday on 1/8/2015
@7:30 pm Eastern
@6:30 pm Central

Get ready to express your Poetic voices.
Let God use you and share that voice that he has blessed you with.
Come out of your comfort zone.
This is an online radio that will let talented teens express their words that they have written on paper.
Listen in or express your words.
This is not just for teens, this can be for anyone.
Get your voices and words ready.

Call in on this number #1 (724)-444-7444
ID# 136054

There will be a special guest on this show that will be on every Thursday with me.

Add me on Facebook which my name is —— > Taris N.Kendricks

So, that I can invite on the event page.
My question to you is, are you ready to come out of your comfort zone and let God use your voice?


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