The definition of Marinate is to “let it soak in, and leave in.”

So I urge you to please pay close attention.

Marinate on Proverbs 3:5&6 if you have problems with trusting people that are surrounding you.

Marinate on Romans 12:3 if you have been showing selfish actions to the people around you.

Marinate on Romans 12:17-18 if you are having problems with forgiving someone. And.. You feel like you should repay them with hate.

Marinate on Matthew 5:21-26 if you have any tendencies towards murdering someone who has hurt you deeply. This scripture is most definitely for you.

Marinate on Matthew 5:27-28 if your eyes wonderously desires to look at another woman.

Marinate on Matthew 5:43-48 if you have alot of enemies against you.

Marinate on Matthew 5:3-14 if you are wondering why others are blessed and you are not.

Marinate on Ephesians 2:1-10 if you have been wondering why people in Church has been saying “God has this planned for you already”

Marinate on Proverbs 13:3 if your mouth has been getting you into trouble.

Please Marinate on the word of God and the scriptures that are helpful towards you.

You don’t have to tell the whole world which ones apply to you.

Just Marinate on them real good.

You personally know which ones apply to you.

With every hint that you get from those scriptures, take it and Marinate in it.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the Bible and read them.

God might even deliver you from it just because you read it.


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