I write with my pen and press it down on paper.
For all the ink to splatter as I scribble.
Thinking of the words that comes to my mind.
I honestly wouldn’t know what will come out from this ink.
I keep letting the ink splatter until I get down to the last of the white sheet of paper.
And the last line said,
“I heard your cry”
My eyes are wondering around the room.
I have no clue where those last words came from.
“I heard your cry”
I can’t even remember the last time I  even  cried.
So, why would I write down “I heard your cry”
I cry on the inside but, that’s about it.
You would never catch my tears on the outside of my face.
So, the question is….
Why would I write down “I heard your cry”?
I’m painfully crying on the inside trying to figure out why aren’t my tears coming down from my eyes.
I honestly don’t know where these words are coming from.
So, I sit back and let my pen keep moving.
“I heard your cry”
a few years ago.
Begging and asking for new
people to come in your life.
The old ones were not right for you,
because you were always crying on the inside.
You didn’t have to show your tears.
You didn’t have to say anything.
“I heard your cry”
A few years ago I listened to you at night telling me who did what and who said what towards you.
“I heard your cry”
As “I heard your cry” I gathered up a few people that will stay by your side.
I knew you needed them in your life.
I brought all these connections to you,
Without you having a clue who they were.
My daughter, I am here to tell you, you are not alone.
You have people who wants to help you with your goals and dreams.
These people that I have connect you with are people who have the same goals and dreams as you do.
Do not push them away.
Do not make them angry or go away.
You are like a little sister to them..
Tell them your every need and they will help you.
Don’t hold back what’s inside.
Closed mouths don’t get fed.
And I’m sure people in your past that are long gone, said this to you plenty of times.
My dear daughter, reach out to the people I have connect you with and don’t push them away.
I brought them into your life for a reason.
I speak to you in writing because I feel that’s the best way to get to you.
So please my daughter, cherish them, work with them and hold on to them.
“I heard your cry”


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