I wear no make up.
You will not see pink, green, yellow, blue, purple, eye shadow nor lipstick on this body.
I’m all natural.
My lips are pink but, the natural pink lip color.
You will not see my eyes with fake eye lashes to the point I can’t even see what’s in front of me.
You will not see weave which is not the hair that God has given me.
If you see me with a bun, with my regular hair, I’m sorry if that doesn’t make you happy.
I’m not going to try and be something I’m not.
When you have these things it makes you look so unreal.
I’m sorry but I represent my body well.
My body isn’t an entertainer for someone who just met me.
I don’t take as many selfies because it seems like that’s another trend.
I might take one or two but I don’t get as many feedback because I have nothing fake on me.
I’m sorry if I’m not pleasing you with these trends that everyone is following.
That’s probably why I’m single now because I don’t look like these other females that’s following.
I love my body.
I have no tattoos and no other piercings on me except for my ears.
That’s it.
I probably wouldn’t even get a tattoo because that’s something I’m not into.
I don’t wear tight sweat pants or leggings to make me look thick.
My thighs are already thick enough.
I’m a natural beauty Queen with a nice looking body from me being naked to me with my clothes on.
God has given me the perfect body ever so why would I try to replace it with something else?


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