Here’s a reason why I am against Job Corps.

I understand that job corps can help you out but, when your parents send you there. They only send their kids there because they have given up on them and feel their is nothing else to do with their kids. I refuse to go because that is not apart of my goals and dreams. I am a dream chaser and I’m constantly going after my dreams. What people don’t understand is that I’m actually not giving up on my dreams and goals because I don’t want to be average. I’M NOT GOING TO JOB CORP for the last time. It’s like people don’t hear me when I say that. Job Corp is when you don’t have anymore options left. I have plenty of options I just have to go after them. I refuse……..I refuse…….I refuse……..This is not my last option. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m against Job Corp!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I disagree with this post . I’m going there and my mother didn’t give up on me she still supporting me she wants what’s best for me. I have plenty of options left myself I’m trying new things in life wanting to explore.

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    1. I know alot of people might disagree with me just like you did. That’s good that you’re going. But, I got a career I’m chasing after. Everything that’s their doesn’t involve with what I’m doing.


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