As it gets closer to Valentines Day,
I wonder why does everyone get so excited about Valentines day?
Well, it seems like the ones who are excited are the ones who can ACTUALLY celebrate it.
By that I mean, buying gifts for their significant others, taking them out on dates and of course you have the newly marriage couple.
This is a day where females dream of getting proposed to on this special holiday.
The man is out looking for a perfect ring at the most expensive place.
Knowing he can’t afford it but, with that ring knowing that his new wife would accept it.
The ones who can actually celebrate are the only ones spending soooooo much money.
Have you ever thought that maybe this is a corporate holiday?
Just like any other holiday.
Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Birthdays, Halloween, and etc…
Did you know that we spend so much money on these holidays to?
And then we have the single individuals who cry, watch movies and stuff their faces with chocolates because they have no one to spend money on them.
We get so pumped up about this holiday “Valentines Day”, right?
So, you’re telling me that you can propose to your new wife on Valentines day but, not on a regular day?
So, you’re telling me that you can Show your new wife so much love only on this holiday but, no other day?
Seems like alot of couples want to show out and bring attention amongst them selves.
Or maybe it’s just me being another single individual that’s bitter and lonely.


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