A train full of commuters.
Waiting to get home or to work.
Patiently waiting for the horn to know that the train is arriving.
Patiently waiting for that  person on the speaker that yells “The train to whatever city is on its way”
People coming in from the cold..
Shaking their boots off from the four inches of snow that just came over night. 
Everyone with at least one cup of coffee in their hand because of this cold weather.
Once they hear that horn, people rushing out the door so they won’t be late for work.
Pulling our their tickets and trying to find a seat with no one sitting in it.
Unfortunately,  the seats are full, some have to stand and some have to share a seat.
Which I know some of us don’t like.
It’s okay you can be honest because I like having my own seat to.
Once the train starts moving and headed to the direction you need to be in, you check the time to realize you are a half hour late because of this bad weather out side.
I’m sure your manager will understand once they take a look out side to see for them selves.
You might be late but, it’s only been twice.
The third time make sure your on time and not an hour late.
Go to bed early, wake up early and make it to work 30 minutes early.
You can do it.
Just have faith and trust God.
He’s on your side,
You are not going to lose your job.


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