Most of us feel like our friends or family members don’t listen to us.

In all reality, do we listen to our selves?

Do we listen to the voices in our head telling us ¨Yes¨ or ¨No¨…

Do we listen to our own voice when we read, speak, or yell out loud?

Think about it….

We listen to more people that are around us than our own voice.

We watch people on what they do rather than what we do.

Think about it….

Someone can easily bring you down and say ¨You Aint Nothing¨

Then we easily agree to it and let them bring us down.

It’s that one voice in our head that says ¨You’re something¨ and you easily doubt that when that can be true because it is true.

We can’t listen to everybody.

I repeat, ¨We Can’t Listen To Everybody¨ not even our parents at most times.

They can easily tell us what to do but, is that ¨What to Do¨ putting us in their direction or our direction that God has set for us to go.

Think about it….

How much do we listen to other individuals other than our selves?

Someone can easily say you need to wear weave because it will make you look older or prettier?

But, do you think that?

That little voice in your head could be saying weave is not for you.

Think about it….

Some one can easily say you should get a pair of Jordans and stop wearing flats all the time.

Someone can easily say you need to start having fun and go to a club or something.

That little voice in the of your head could be saying ¨No, that’s not good for you¨

That little voice that you keep hearing is the inner ¨You¨

Listen to your self sometimes.

You could be right and the other person could be wrong.

Think about it….

You can’t listen to everybody.


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