Imagine your life as a Teen Mother.
Taking A Pregnancy Test..
Finding out she’s pregnant two weeks later.
Calling the doctor to set an appointment.
She’s frightened.
Thinking this would never happen to her.
It’s so hard because she feels as though she ruined her life.
Friends leaving her behind.
Going to parties and moving on with the rest of their lives.
Boyfriend gave up on her because he found another female on the streets.
He was so in love with this female and left his baby momma for another female he found on the streets.
And now they’re arguing and this is what we call babymomma and baby daddy drama.
This arguing is getting worse because the baby daddy keep messing around with these side chicks.
Taking selfies with them and now his baby momma cursing him out because she knows for a fact they were messing around.
And now she’s blowing up his phone with text messages and phone calls.
It’s only two weeks and he’s already not claiming that baby.
“He claims he wants her to get an abortion but she yells and screams no this is my baby I’m keeping.
You can leave.
If you don’t want to be with me I’m not forcing you to.
Go ahead keep messing around and pretty soon you’ll have 4 or 5 more kids calling you daddy.
While I was the one who gave you, your first born child.
But, you left.
You couldn’t step up and be a man.
I can handle these next first 2 weeks on my own.
I got this.
Gone and leave.
You were never a man just a boy that I messed around with and was wrong.
I hope you learn your lesson as our baby gets older.
Our baby will start noticing that you were never around. ”
Those are the words she spoke to her baby daddy who won’t step up and actually become a man.
And finally after those nine months were over , the baby was born.
The baby daddy had some thinking to do while running away from all that stress he put both of them through.
He finally puts away his Playa side.
He comes knocking on the door and cries “baby I’m sorry, I should’ve never left”
She didn’t open the door but, her mother was looking out the side window. .
And whispered “At least he tried and looks a little better”
So the mother opens up the door and welcomes him in and cooks him a
“Home cooked meal”
While the baby momma cries, walking down the stairs with a baby girl in her hand.
She says “You put me and your baby girl through hell during those 9 months and I had to go through this on my own but, I hope you really changed cause I refuse to raise this baby on my own.”
He smiled.
And now their live goes on.
Trouble doesn’t last always just know eventually he’ll come around.
This is towards the generation that I’m currently in.


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