Why would you even think to send your mother to DCFS?
When she cooks for you, buy you clothes, spend time with you, puts shelter on your head, helps you with your homework, takes you to school every morning, helps you with your fundraisers, and tell you she loves you.
You spoiled little brat.
Sending your mom to DCFS because all she did was give you a couple of spankings.
It was because YOU did something wrong.
Telling people at your school that she is abusing you and leaving marks on you.
Knowing for a fact that’s a lie, I am a witness.
I am a witness and I got more spankings than you when I was younger and never would have once think to call DCFS.
Did you know that DCFS could send someone to jail and put their child in foster care?
Did you know that they can leave this on your mother’s record?
You didn’t think about that now did you?
Who in the heck goes to school and tell their friends that they got a spanking at home?
No body because they don’t want anyone to know.
Duhhhh, I wouldn’t either. 
You’re just seeking for attention.
This is not the best way to seek attention, this is a way to put someone else in danger.
I’m sorry sis but this our mother were talking about.
I love you but,  this was the dumbest move that you made ever.
I’ve made some dumb moves in the past but, this one would never cross my mind. I would be to scared to do this.
You are spoiled and I hope you are happy.
You are getting at least some type of attention.
If I was in our Mother shoes, I would have kicked you out.
But, I forgot you are a minor.
And then the next day, you want to smile and act like you did nothing wrong.
An “Apology” will not work in this situation.
She already has “6 months” with this unbelievable lie on her record?
You’re 13 now and when you get older this will haunt you.
You better find Jesus before this situation gets worse.
All I can say is God Bless You and I Still love but, this was wrong.
WRONG I tell you, WRONG!!!!!!!
But, I thank God they didn’t put OUR mother in Jail.


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