The youth is really messed up.
I then seen it all from on the news, to the city and then the suburbs.
It’s like Satan want us to mess up so bad.
He would do anything.
Our minds are young and weak.
And then we have the ones who are wise but, never say anything.
They’re scared to step up because of what their friends would think.
Somebody somewhere is going to have stand up and do something.
All you hear about on the news is killers from left to right.
Killers that’s our age.
Over gang violence.
No one is stepping up to the plate because the killing with our youth is still happening.
The only reason why we as the youth act up so badly is because their is no one in our communities giving us hope.
Their is no one in our communities talking to the parents about encouraging their kids in what they want to do instead of yelling at us and telling us no that’s wrong.
God could be putting us in the same direction but our parents could be turning us away from that.
We need the youth back in church.
We need our youth back in church.
We need our parents to stop downing the youth, they give us no hope.
The older generation has officially given up on us.
This is why their is killing going on.
The parents can’t complain because all you all do is down us (the youth)
Stop saying “I don’t know how you are going to make it in life with the things you do”
We make mistakes but remember you all did to.
Parents are still making mistakes till this day and just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean you can down us about ours.
We are young with a weak mind and some of us are wise but, we don’t speak of anything because all you all would do is say you don’t know anything because we are young.
Stop downing us.
Start encouraging us.
Maybe just maybe we will start listening and stop the violence.
We are not messed up we just feel down.


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