So many of you have road range.
As soon as a car jumps in front you, you start yelling and curse them out.
Looking at the same car that jumped in front of you and give then looks from the passenger window.
As soon as you mean mug that person, they reach for a gun and shoot.
DON’T SHOOT!!!!!!!!
Pulls the trigger.
Sirens start forming.
He shoots because he got scared.
Pow Pow.
You are now on the ground blood coming from the back of your head.
All because of road range and a mean mug.
It’s not that serious when a car jumps in front of you.
As long as they dont hit you, don’t mean mug them.
That one look cause one argument, one shot, one ambulance and a crowd of people.
Be careful and have patience on the road.
Calm your self.


2 thoughts on “Road Range

  1. Thankyou for that correction. That’s good more people need to be like that and stop getting so angry at the drivers. Don’t ever let a bad driver get you out of your comfort zone.


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