We are living in hell. !!!!!!
We are living in hell. !!!!!!!
We are living in hell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look around you.
Look what’s in your house.
Look what’s surrounded by your house?
Look what’s out on those streets.
We are living in hell.!!!!!
Wake up!!!.
Wake up!!!
Get in the word right now.
Find a church home.
It’s so many church’s in every state that’s filling up every street corner.
It’s for a reason.
Wake up!!!!!!
Pray constantly.
The police are taking over and trying to get every one in jail.
Wake up !!!
Weed man on every block.
Wake up.!!!!
Trash on every street.
Wake up!!!
Homeless people laying around on bus stops begging for food and money.
Wake up!!!!
People selling squares on trains, busses, and on the streets.
Calling out “Squares, Squares” !!!
Wake up!!!!
The youth doing everything that they see on social media and what their peers do, that’s not good.
Wake up!!
Racism is happening at this moment.
Wake up!!!!
We are living in it.
The only ones who will get out of this world which we call hell are the ones who stand up.
Wake up!!!!!
Fire is burning and we don’t see it.
If you were smart enough, take a look around you.
Fire is all around us and the devil is working.
Wake up!!!!
Jesus is on his way to save us.
Wake up!!
Wake up!!!!!!!!
This is a warning from God’s Poetic Child.
We are living in Hell!!!!!!!!


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