My mind leaks..
With words.
Words flowing.
Flowing like a ocean.
Twenty four seven.
My mind leaks with the words of pain.
My mind leaks with the words of confusion.
My mind leaks with the words of doubt.
And yet,
When I spit these words out my mouth it comes out as a powerful piece.
These words were held in my brain for so long and couldn’t wait to get out.
Screaming no please don’t hold me in.
My mind leaks so fast with words it’s like my voice never spoke.
My lips were shut with duck tape for years.
The words would not flow out of my mouth.
Speaking these words were so hard to get out, my mind was filled with depression.
Now that I finally got a chance to meet the ears who would listen to these words.
My mind keeps leaking.
Like a running pipe with water that won’t stop.
Their is a pen stuck in my mind that has black ink all over.
With random words that’s forming together to help another soul.
And yet,
Till this day, my mind is still leaking random words for another ear to hear.
And for another soul to be healed.
Leaking words from a broken soul are forming to heal the pain.
My voice has to be very careful of what’s spoken.
Never knows who’s listening.
Even though these words were leaking so fast.
These words could have been held in and built up from anger.

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