I want to present to you all one of my P.O.E.T sisters that’s in the same organization I’m in. She just recently told us to watch her video. We always got to support everyone when ever they come up with something new or something old that we haven’t seen before. Luckily, I was already on youtube watching Mariah Carey videos for some reason, I have no clue. So, I typed in her video and the first thing that came to mind was WOW! Dahlia The Poet is a great artist. Her lyrics speak truth and one day she is going to be big. I already saw how many views she had. It was mad love towards her. She had “468” views and “53” likes on you tube with 19 comments. Wow… Now if you take a look at the famous female artist that’s well known. They would get twice as much views and likes as she did. But, they don’t have a message behind their lyrics. With their videos, it’s either negative or positive comments because they have rumors behind them. I feel an Artist should never have anything negative towards them. Why? They should have a message that reaches people. This video is like an old hip hop video which we don’t normally get from Artist. I applaud her and she got so much positive feedback on this video. I would quote some comments on here from her video but you can take a look for your self. Have fun watching and God Bless.

“ You Reached Your Destiny” -Dahlia The Poet


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