Not everyone will support you.
Friends, Family, co-workers.
They will not always be there for you.
Don’t count on them everytime you need them there.
If you do, you are only hurting your self.
They’re moving on with the rest of their lives and you are being depressed.
Wondering why no one is there for you.
When you have God.
God is with you every where you go.
He protects you from all evil.
So if someone is not supporting, it’s probably helping you.
God is teaching you to do things alone.
God is teaching you to help your self.
You will be put in certain situations when no one is around to help.
That is when you bow down to God, pray about that he gives you Wisdom and Knowledge.
When you feel lonely, start writing and pouring it all out.
When no one answers you.
Keep on writing until you fall asleep.
Don’t let the feeling of “lonely” make you feel like you need someone.


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