Run for life.
For the police gets you.
Keep on running
For the police shoot you.
Put the guns down.
Put the weapons down.
Toss it in the trash.
Run and go hide.
They’re still behind you.
Pick up your feet and run.
Scared for your life, you end up falling.
Tripping on a rock or stick.
They get you and beat you down .
Beat you down to the point you have bruises on your body.
Blood coming down your face. .
Guess you can’t run no more.
Next thing you know another case on the news.
A white cop than killed another black man.
Another case that’s not solved because he
Said one word.
Killed for no reason.
We have to end this now.
Stop the cops from killing us.
Stop it.
Stand up.
We need to end this.
Run as fast you can.
We are no longer slaves anymore.
We have the freedom to run away.
No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
Run, run, run..
We have freedom.
Let freedom ring.
We have freedom.


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