As soon as we get home,
We got to hear all this bull crap.
All this bull crap that will bring us down.
Telling all of us what we did wrong and always complaining.
Always complaining and blaming someone else for your problems.
After a great day, we got to come back home for this bull crap negativity.
Why can’t we just come home to positivity.?
Why can’t we just come home to a house full of love?
Why can’t we just come home to hugs and kisses?
Why can’t we just come home to surprises?
This negativity is unhealthy.
All because you came home drunk and yelling all through out the house.
We don’t have time for this.
While some of us are trying to change, you out doing the same thing.
It messes up our day.
The things you do, someone else gets mad and takes it out on us.
We don’t have time for it.
Leave all that negativity some where else and flush it down the toilet.
Flush it down and let it stay their.
Check your self instead of trying to check someone else.
We don’t got time for that.
Always trying to check somebody because your scared to look in the mirror and see what’s wrong with you.
Take a vacation and go meditate.
You never know, you might find out what’s wrong with you before you blame another person.
Stop hiding the real problem.
Negativity will not help you during your situations.
Stay positive.
Or their will be another reality TV show called “Home Of The Negativity”
Because that’s all people dwell on these days.
Stay far away from it As possible.
If you are having a great day out and come back home to some bull crap negativity.
Meditate on it!!
If God is not in your house hold.
Change it ASAP.
Without God their will never be anything positive.
Just a “Home Of The Negativity”
Peace Out And Stay positive at all times!!!


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