Something about that worship for God brings joy, happiness, and excitement.
When you worship and your hands are high up in the air.
Tears start falling down your faces.
Screaming and hollering “Thankyou God”
For everything he blessed you with.
For everything that God has done for you.
No matter if it’s small or big.
You’re just great full because
He is an awesome God.
So awesome that their is only
One God who is able to do the things
He does for us.
It’s so many things that he has done for us.
God died on the cross for us.
God brings forth miracles after miracles.
God  brings that goodness in our lives.
God even brings tests in our lives to the point we have to call on him.
God brings us together in Unity so that we can worship him together.
When unity is in full effect that’s how you know we are all under one sound, one voice and under one accord.
The enemy can’t touch us then.
He’s already been defeated.
We have that power to fight the enemy with worshipping because we are not in the flesh.
We are in the spirit.
And the spirit leads to joy, happiness and don’t forget love.
We are all stomping on the devil head.
We are worshipping our Father our God.
We all have different relationships with God so some of our worships towards him will be different.
But guess what?
That doesn’t matter because when we are together we are unifying with one another.
Our God is a great God.
Hallelujah! !
Hallelujah! !!
Hallelujah! !!
Close your eyes and start worshipping like never before.
Don’t worry about who’s looking at you.
Just start screaming “Thankyou God”
And let God lead you to do the rest.
Let’s worship under one accord.


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