Everyday someone has published a new book.
Full of poetry and their testimonies.
Everyday someone is either on stage speaking their poetry or testimonies.
If we can keep this up everyday.
Souls can be saved.
Through our heart felt words.
With these words,
Not only do we help others
But, we help ourselves to.
It’s like therapy to everyone.
After you say your piece
Someone can easily say I’m inspired
By that or I been through that.
Or thank you for sharing you saved me
By speaking that.
With the ears that our listening,
You never know what they are going through.
When you read your poetry.
Speak life and speak it
As if you would want some one to speak it towards you.
Don’t yell it.
Don’t shout it.
By you doing that,
Someone would have needed that message and missed it
all because you didn’t adjust your voice.
Let’s help save more souls by our words
But at a tone where they can understand it.
Not just through National Poetry Month but, everyday.
Keep it going poets.
We are the voices that needs to
Be heard with a message for ears to listen.


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