We can’t even ride pass a street
With out seeing flashing lights.
Blue lights flashing every where.
We are not even safe on the streets
So many white cops taking over our streets.
Can’t even get justice.
Cops to blocks.
Blocks getting destroyed.
Bullets flying..
Red blood on every block.
The good streets ain’t even called the good streets anymore.
Bad streets getting worse and worse everyday.
Kids coming home from school.
Don’t know when the next time you’ll ever see them.
Parents worrying because they seen another Teen on the news..
Now we got to carry two things of mace.
That’s how you know the world is not safe.
So many mindsets are lost in the
No more positives.
Any time you see a cop.
Just run.
Don’t wear a black hoodie at night.
Don’t have skittles and a Arizona tea
In your hands.
Don’t stand on the corner with all white T-shirts.
Don’t sell drugs.
Not all cops are bad.
Even though we have
So many cops shooting blacks.
It ain’t just blacks
Let’s end this racism in peace.
Chicago stand up!!!!
We all know the areas that our streets lack at.
Chi Town stand up.
Let’s take care of our streets.


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