Stop being that one friend who likes to
Play match maker.
The people that’s in the relationship doesn’t like other people in their business.
If you are always trying to play match maker,
You will always be in some ones relationship.
You will always be the one causing the drama.
You will always be the third will.
You will ways be the one asking questions about
Everything that the people in the relationship does.
You will always be in their sex life.
The only reason why you are single.
Is because you are the match maker never the seeker for your own.
It will always be problems in your relationship(s) because you cause problems for other people.
Start letting God be the match maker.
You are not God.
So something will go wrong because you didn’t give it to God.
The match maker always fails.
But wait….
Maybe that’s why your relationship failed
Because you were still the match maker for your self as well.
Maybe being a “Match Maker” isn’t your specialty.
Try something else.
Try being the “Match Maker” in you.
Which means finding who you are.


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