Why the hell is everyone trying to run my life?
Your not about to run my life. .
Stop looking at every move I make.
You’ll be looking so hard that the moves you make comes to an end.
Like stop. !!!!
Stop asking what type of job I have.
Stop saying I need to stop going in between jobs.
Stop it!!!
You don’t know what I could be going through.
It’s a reason for everything. .
Everybody questioning me.
I’m not about to tell you my problems all the time.
In reality, I know you don’t care.
All your going to do is call me a complainer.
Stop asking, if you ain’t really listening.
I’m not about to come to you for advice.
Stop giving me advice.
It seem like everything you say
Discourages me.
Stop it!
I’m tired of everybody.
At this point I just want to throw in the towel and say what ever.
Then you’ll call me lazy.
Or what ever.
Like stop.!!!!
And then when I come around certain people.
It seem like everything I do is so wrong.
Nothing I ever do makes you all happy.
But, if I tell you I won the lottery that’ll be the best achievement in my life.
Like stop it!!!
And every ones mind is set on money.
Like stop it!!!!!!
Leave me alone. !
If you ain’t really here to help me and here to get money from me.
You might as well work at the bank to.
Take the money from my bank account.
Wipe me out and get out my life. !!!
Sometimes I just want to scream and curse every body. out.
Leave me alone!!!

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