There are new P.O.E.T members and there are also P.O.E.T members who are seeking for advice. If you want to be a poet member. Here’s all the advice that was given today on June 1st, 2015 by Blaq Ice… Look him up on youtube.

1.) What are you doing to let people know who you are?

What you do?

Are you worth being paid?

2.) Develop a base of support. If you can’t sell 10 tickets to 10 people, then you need a new circle of support.

3.) Be multi-talented. All the training you need is right in front of you in P.O.E.T. All Of you should be able to perform, host and mentor.

4.) Be willing to acquire pay someone who is willing to get you paid gigs. (Blaq Ice is available)

5.) Be willing to invest hundreds of dollars in your own brand.

6.) How many of you have professional entertainment photos? You need them. Not Cell Phone Photos either.

7.) How many of you have quality videos? You need them. Not with 2 black boxes on the side either.

8.) When you have opportunities, record them, get your foot in the door 1st. Then assist them in creating a poetry event. Have them run everything through you. We will assist you.

9.) Every event you won’t be paid, but consider if an audition to get paid.

10.)Perfect your craft. Memorize your pieces. You open up another level for your self when you memorize. They look of you as professional.

11.) We have a principle on P.O.E.T. Every event needs a P.O.E.T on it.




– Parties


-Retirement Parties

– Corporate Events

– Christmas Parties

-New Years Eve

-Cancer awareness

– Stop The Violence


If asked, how many of these can you do?

13.) We will begin weekly practices with those who are sincere about becoming professional artist or becoming better.

14.) Dress Professional

15.) Learn how to negotiate. If someone is having an event they need a dj, photographer, video, emcee, entertainment. You can get all the money then sub-contract people.

16.) If you know you can get a dj for 4hrs for $250. Charge $350 and include yourself as the host and you can do a piece. You just got paid $100.00.

17.) If someone needs a photographer and he charges $200 negotiate with him. $50 fee if he wants the job. You just made $50.

18.) Stay In Your Lane

— If you are not a sexual pet don’t market your self as such. If you do uplifting poetry, spiritual or other wise, market yourself as such.

19.) Marketing yourself to the community in which you belong will not get you paid. Example, asking other poets to feature at there events when you are a poet yourself.

Or a comedian asking to feature at a comedy show. It’s good for experience and practice but not to get paid.

20.) Most of you do not need to negotiate your own events or prices. Have someone who is not all excited and frantic about performing do that for you. I send all my people to Toy. I’ve already told her what I want and I could tell them but professional artist don’t negotiate them selves.

21.) Get your price list together. THE ADVANTAGE- when they come to you. THE DISADVANTAGE- when you go to the promoter.

—All of you should start at a minimum of $75 to perform.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

This is what we do.


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