Leggings, booty shorts.
Halter tops, bra’s, flip flops, name brand everything..
You females got a lot of nerve to complain
About how Men treat you.
Look at what you wear.
Look at the way you walk.
Listen at the way you talk.
Feel where your eyes wonder off.
How many times do Men talk to you?
When you have leggings or booty shirts on.
It’s because you showing your buns off.
So out of the Men that are talking to you,
Which one actually studies your personality?
Think about it.
It’s not just the Men fault why we keep getting our hearts broken.
It’s our actions and the things we do.
Think about the last relationship you had, why did it go so bad?
When you first met your significant other?
What was the first thing he said to you, when greeting you?
It’s not just Men, it’s the way we come onto them.
Start dressing like a business professional and see which Men you attract then.
You might attract your husband if you act right and don’t give in to easy.


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