My thoughts are positive.
My thoughts are negative.
My thoughts are happy.
My thoughts are angry.
My thoughts are excited.
My thoughts are depressed.
My thoughts are awesome.
My thoughts are brave.
My thoughts are love.
My thoughts are hungry for more knowledge.
My thoughts are envious.
I sometimes get jealous but, shouldn’t be.
My thoughts are pity.
I feel sorry for other people when things happen to them.
My thoughts are most of the time (selfish) because, I do think highly of
my self well sometimes.
My thoughts are easy but, they are hard to crack open.
My thoughts are always on poetry.
I am the person who is in control of my ink and what I say.
My thoughts are godly well not all the time but, they should be.
My thoughts are always on the youth.
Why are we so messed up in the head?
My thoughts are on sex.
Sex that will make me feel satisfied.
My thoughts are creative.
I come up with ideas and always have scrambled words in my head.
My thoughts are on the school systems.
The tests that we have to take all the time to see where we are at.
Sets us up to fail, did you know that?
My thoughts are on my major and my degree.
What if I got back in school and finished my two years that
I started?
Would I fail again and drop out because of my math scores.
My thoughts are on death.
Why do people die everyday?
And why do certain people stay alive until the age of 104 or older?
My thoughts are always searching.
Searching for the right one but, I already found the right one. (Jesus)?
My thoughts are scary.
You would not want to read them.
Once you get inside my thoughts you would be scared your self and run away.
My thoughts are bold and cold.
My thoughts are hopeful.
I have hope and I’m not hopeless.
My thoughts are on faith.
Without faith, what can you do?
My thoughts are on pregnancy.
What if I got pregnant and became a baby boomer like the other females.
Popping out babies like crazy.
Thank God I know how to protect my self.
My thoughts are on my sexual preference.
What if I didn’t just date Men, what if I dated women?
What if I’m already in a relationship with a female?
Would you judge me for it?
Would you stop communicating with me because of it?
I mean it’s my life, not yours right?
My thoughts are on marriage.
I know, what does a young girl like me know about marriage?
So, I don’t speak of it.
My thoughts are on suicide.
What if I killed myself, what would people say?
How would they react?
My thoughts are sometimes on drinking.
I remember one day drinking and I blanked out and never drunk again.
What if I became an alcoholic?
My thoughts are on smoking.
What if I started smoking again?
What If I smoked a square and died off of one puff?
What if I started smoking weed, would my thoughts be calm again?
My thoughts are on patience but, can get out of control.
My thoughts are filled with hatred towards my enemies but, I try not to hate them and hold a grudge towards them.
My thoughts are every emotion that you can think of.
My thoughts can only be controlled by me and if not.
My thoughts will be out of control and over the top.
And then I will become emotional.
Who else will control them?


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