Love unconditionally.

Don’t love to kill.

Love to heal.

Don’t love to harm.

Love to help.

Don’t love to be selfish.

Love to respect.

Don’t love to disrespect.

Love to comfort.

Don’t love to discomfort.

Love to smile.

Don’t love to frown.

Love to be patient.

Don’t love to rush.

Love to build each other up..

Don’t love to build each other down.

Love to serve.

Don’t love to be a slave.

Love to save.

Don’t love to destroy.

Love to feed.

Don’t love to starve.

Love to be real.

Don’t love to be fake.

Love for excitement.

Don’t love to fear.

Love to educate.

Don’t love to fail.

Love from your heart.

Don’t love from loneliness.

Love is a word that we say often.

But, when we say the word “love”,

Do we say it unconditionally or

just for the moment?

We have to be careful on when we

say “I Love You” too.

They can take what you said

and don’t appreciate it.

The only time you should use

the word “love” is when you

actually mean it.

“Love” is such a vigorous word.

This vigorous word can either cause chaos

or can cause great things in both

of your lives.

Well, depending on who you

are with.

So, let’s be more wise when we use

the word “love”,

And not just say it in the moment.

That moment might not last forever

like you say in a vowel.

“Till Death Do Us Apart”

It’s such a vigorous word,

like a vampire sucking the

venom out of a humans arm.


Love is.

Love is what?

According to google,

“Love is a variety of different feelings, states and

attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. ”

So, before you use this word.

Know why you are using it and remember

the definition of love.

Are you really feeling the love?


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