Oh yeah!!!
This that one jacket weather.
That weather where you can just step out the door and feel the breeze.
That weather where you can go to the beach and chill with friends and family.
That weather where you can read books and write on the porch.
That weather where you can have a barbecue.
Barbecuing ribs, chicken, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs….
Adding chips, spaghetti, drinks and candy on the side.
Like its a holiday but,
In all reality it’s the summer.
It’s time to turn up.
Get out the house stop being lazy.
The Internet ain’t where it’s at.
Go knock on your friend door to see if
They can come outside.
Like the old times. .
Don’t text them.
Start walking or ride a bike.
Jog around the beach or lake.
Go fishing. .
Go play volleyball.
Go play basketball.
Start footworking in the middle of the streets like old times.
The summer ain’t called the summer if everybody on the Internet.
That’s where yall head got messed up at. Start going downtown walk and get off that bus.
I know your feet but babygirl/boy it’s the summer time. .
Have a picnic at a random park.
Get off that fast food joint and bring a lunch.
Work a summer job so we can turn up and save up.
Cause baby its the summer time.
Oh yeah!!!


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