Why does every one always try to pick on the new girl??
Is it because she’s new??
Is it because she doesn’t know everything?
Is it because she doesn’t fit in with you all?
“The New Girl” has feelings too.
She only knows what you teach her
But, if you keep giving her attitude,
She is not going to listen to everything you tell her.
She feels as though you are coming off to her too strong.
She feels as though you are trying to push her into so many things so fast it’s just like “woahhhh”
She just started.
She hates this..
She feels as though that since she is the new girl,
All you are going to do is run all over her like she is a nobody.
Why do you all treat “The New Girl” like this?
You all were the new girl a month ago so don’t make it seem like you all are better. Because your not.
You know just as much as the new girl knows because you were taught the same thing a while ago.
In order for you to teach someone what you know, you have to learn as well.
A teacher always learns from their students.
A person who thinks they know it all, is a fool.
Because “That New Girl” can come in one day and prove all you all wrong.
Just how you all put the new girl down because she didn’t know as much.
She made you all feel down because she finally did everything right.
That you all told her she did wrong.


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