The Chicken place was closed, IHop was closed (Depressing) and Chipotle wasn’t enough especially with our
Chicken and pork bowl.
the lemonade was good considering we both reached
for the same drink.
To be honest,
it’s time I see you again.
And that long walk wasn’t even
that bad.
I’m actually interested in you.
I’m so happy that poetry drives you to encourage others.
Your poetry sounds just like mine.
We can stand on stage together and combine our poems together.
Put our poems in the same categories like; religious, depression (hint), relationships, single mothers, teens, etc…
I remember you mentioning that you
wanted to have your own “Spoken Word Lounge”
That sounds good and all
I want to open up my own cafe for all ages.
Lets combine them and call it
“Spoken Word Lounge and Cafe”
Sounds good right?
What really interests me is that you also read Greek Mythology.
But, I encourage you to get back in school and make that your major.
I remember us sitting outside of Chipotle and you read me
your poem “I Like Her”
really wish you had a poem dedicated to me like this dedicated
to you.
That song you played can’t really remember it
I know it was by Chance The Rapper Right?
That night was amazing especially when you told
me your story.
with drinking, the navy, pills, not in school.
Inspired me to write about you.
Amazes me how you didn’t have anyone to talk to and
your wordplay is amazing.
“I’m Listening”
Don’t count me out after you walked me to the train that night..
I also apologize that your ex left you while you were in the navy.
That was wrong.
And I hate you moved from Park Forest to Plainfield.
I have this feeling that I relate to you in some way.
When am I ever going to see you again?
———>End Piece


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