Chipotle is so great.
Their chicken bowls are amazing.
I rather you stay away from steak.
You have chicken, corn, lettuce, rice, sour cream  and tomatoes.
Once you add chips and lemonade on the side.
It’s a whole meal.
Dip your chips in your bowl
And boom….
Your full.
It doesn’t take much for you to get full
From Chipotle.
You get the whole package.
Make sure you are not stingy with your bowl and chips.
It’s enough for two people
Unless you order in by yourself.
Chipotle can be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You choose.
You will never be disappointed.
It’s also healthy.
You never hear anything bad about chipotle.
And.   If you do,
That person was just having a rough day.
Enjoy that meal and come again.
Oh and one more thing,
I don’t work here.
I just enjoy their chicken bowl
And I encourage you to try it.
Doesn’t hurt till you try.


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