This poem is only for the two of us.

We got this collaboration thing going on that others would not know about.

It’s just two strangers coming together to bring our words in force.

See, we met at the KLEO Center.

Were bodies jump off seats as soon as someone hits the stage.

That’s mad love,

showing artists support and critiquing artists work.

Their is so much love in that one center.

So much love that we have to yell out “Respect The Mic” about five times each performance.

As many talents that comes through this stage and behind the lights that I am standing on right now…..

How could you not respect the mic?

These teenager’s would not shut up so, that tells me they don’t know poetry.

That tells me that they don’t know what respect means.

Respect- meaning admire (someone or something deeply, as a result of their abilities.

But, you are at an open mic.


9 times out of 10,

we are going to be snapping our fingers and clapping out hands.

But, we missed that one good line because you just had to talk about something that was not even irrelevant.


someone yelled out “REWIND”.

You are so disrespectful with just one person on stage.

I wonder,

how would you act with two people on stage?

See, I (personally) take talents seriously.

If you were in my class and I was the teacher, you would have been kicked out.

I’m not throwing shade but, some of you disrespectful ass kids need to start listening to what we have to say behind this mic.

Open up your ears little soldiers.

Cause when this collaboration come on stage.

Its gone be some teaching, preaching and maybe even a little singing.

So, one last time…


This poem is only for the two of us.


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